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I was assigned to a surgical oncologist due to my diagnosis, and looking back now, I know how lucky I am that I was.

— Henrietta Adipratt Jah

Life is seemingly normal and routine, until it’s not. One minute you are at your job, going through the motions of the day, when suddenly, almost instantaneously, your life changes. That was my experience in 2013, when after using the bathroom at work; I was shocked to final blood in my stool.

After work, I immediately went to see my doctor, who performed a colonoscopy. It was March of 2013. My world changed in an instant, as I learned I had rectal cancer. I was scared for my life.

After my diagnosis, I was nervous and scared knowing that my life was in danger, so I knew that I needed to be in good hands to get through this. It was my family doctor who recommended that I see someone at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

I took this as a sign that I would find the help I needed there. I was assigned to a surgical oncologist due to my diagnosis, and looking back now, I know how lucky I am that I was. Not only was he the most experienced and able to handle my case, but he was so encouraging, and repeatedly reassured me that there was hope, knowing I was scared. He urged me to relax, and have a positive and faithful mindset.

I went through a series of pre-admission tests and procedures before surgery.  

After the operation, the doctors and nurses were incredibly helpful with managing the pain and discomfort that came with recovery. My husband was by my side throughout the process, and I have wonderful friends who were always coming in and out of my home, while I was recovering, to help with cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My children, although they have moved out on their own, were supportive and checked up on me from afar. Between all of this and the care I received at Fox Chase, I had an incredible support system.

For a few months after, my blood pressure was a bit high, but that was the extent of any issues. I was cancer-free. I also made sure to stay active and improve my diet. It was important that I maintained a healthy lifestyle after all of the treatment and side effects from the cancer, so I eat well and get exercise as much as I can.

The best advice I could give would be to have faith and believe that you will make it. Pray for yourself, your family, and for the care and hands of the doctors and nurses as well. I know that this mindset helped me recover and gave me back my normalcy, my life after cancer.


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