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“Finding Dr. Jain was a blessing.”

— Frances Johnson, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

At my yearly physical in 2013, my primary care doctor ordered a CAT scan when I told him about the pain I had started experiencing on my left side near my waist. When the results were considered normal, I began accepting the pain as a normal part of getting older. I was 81 at the time.

I started getting more concerned about my health a few months later, however, when my stomach was bloated. I had always been trim and healthy, and had never experienced a severe bloated stomach like this before. I talked about my concerns with a neighbor, who recommended that I see a gynecologist that she knew. The gynecologist decided that I should have a vaginal ultrasound that day.

That was when I learned I had ovarian cancer. I went home that day very scared. The gynecologist referred me to a medical oncologist at my community hospital who started me on chemotherapy, and then later I underwent a hysterectomy. After the surgery, another doctor told me that the levels in my blood were not good. She informed my daughter and me that there was nothing more they could do for me except keep me comfortable.

Fortunately, the doctor mentioned that I could call Fox Chase Cancer Center. My daughter, Kristen, made the call and spoke to Nancy Nicotera, a nurse navigator at Fox Chase who works with patients diagnosed with gynecologic cancer. Nancy arranged for me to see Angela Jain, MD, a medical oncologist.

From the first moment I met with Dr. Jain, she gave me hope. She told me that she could help me, and I trusted her. Finding Dr. Jain was a blessing.

My treatment at Fox Chase began with a course of chemotherapy, which meant that I needed to go to Fox Chase every week for nine months. Every time I arrived at Fox Chase I was greeted by friendly staff who made me feel even better. I completed the chemotherapy in 2015. At the end of my treatment, I had an incredible moment with Dr. Jain. She sat in front of me, knee to knee, and told me I was going to be OK. She said that everything was going well, and that gave me such an enormous amount of hope.

I now have added years to my life to enjoy time with my two daughters, son, and five grandchildren, all because of Dr. Jain. She is a wonderful doctor, so caring, so smart, and so compassionate. I can’t put into words how I feel about her. She truly saved my life. 

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