Donnamarie Gadaleta - Patient Story

"Throughout the entire process, Dr. Reddy made sure we were informed, cared for, and felt like his only patient."
‐Donnamarie Gadaleta

I decided to seek medical care at Fox Chase Cancer Center in early 2015 when a biopsy of an irregular mole on my left thigh detected the presence of melanoma.

Six years before, at age 46, I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. After that, I had extensive biopsies and surgical removals from the left side of my nose and from my neck, back, arms legs, and mouth, and I had remained vigilant about follow-up.

When I received the melanoma diagnosis, my family encouraged me to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center for treatment, especially my father-in-law who had been treated there for prostate cancer. My first appointment at Fox Chase was in March 2015 when I met with Sanjay Reddy, MD a surgical oncologist who specializes in treating patients with melanoma. From the moment he walked in the room I felt hopeful. Two weeks later, he performed surgery.

Dr. Reddy took extensive time to discuss and examine my cancer. Throughout the entire process, he made sure we were informed, cared for, and I felt as though I was his only patient. His professionalism, his hope, and his heart are above anything I have ever received.

The entire staff at Fox Chase is committed to patient care. It is one of the finest hospitals I have ever been in. Every staff member is amazing, from check-in, presurgery, and the operating room to postop and recovery. The nurses especially made sure my husband and I were kept informed and comfortable.

I returned to Fox Chase for another procedure in January 2016, after Anthony Santoro, MD a dermatologist at Fox Chase, evaluated an abnormal mole on my neck. Dr. Reddy removed the mole, and once again I received the highest quality of care. I continue to see them for periodic check-ups.

I am now retired from a career in health care. My husband and I have two lovely daughters and three grandchildren. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, baking, reading, cooking, and gardening, and I especially enjoy fostering senior dogs. I am blessed to be able to offer them a safe haven, love, and care that they so desperately need.

I am grateful to my treatment team and will always praise the highest quality care I received at Fox Chase. Over the years I have been seen by many doctors, surgeons, and medical staff but never have any of them had the hope and care that Dr. Reddy exhibits.