Diane Smith - Patient Story

"Making an appointment at Fox Chase was the best thing I could have done."

— Diane Smith

In September of 2015, Diane, who was 55, noticed something unusual - blood in her stool. Obviously concerned, she made an appointment with her local gastroenterologist who performed a colonoscopy in March of 2015. The test revealed a 2-inch bleeding polyp on her colon. The doctor initially diagnosed Diane with hemorrhoids because she had none of the common symptoms of colon cancer such as weight loss or stomach pain.

Eager to get a second opinion, Diane set up an appointment with Sanjay S. Reddy, MD, surgical oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Reddy ordered additional tests which confirmed a diagnosis of colon cancer.

“Making an appointment at Fox Chase was the best thing I could have done,” says Diane. “Dr. Reddy is so compassionate, so kind and so reassuring. He told me that he would take care of it and not to worry.”  

Dr. Reddy recommended a laparoscopic procedure to remove Diane's tumor. While this surgery can take longer than traditional surgery, Dr. Reddy felt it was worth the extra time in surgery if it meant a shorter recovery time and no scarring for Diane.

"Dr. Reddy went above and beyond for me."

“Dr. Reddy went above and beyond for me, doing a laparoscopic procedure meant I wouldn’t have any scarring and I would heal faster, but it also meant that Dr. Reddy would be performing a more difficult surgery,” says Diane. Dr. Reddy also recruited Gina M. Mantia-Smaldone, MD, a gynecologic surgical oncologist to Diane's treatment team. They recommended that Diane undergo a hysterectomy at the same time.

“Dr. Mantia-Smaldone was incredible,” says Diane, “Both doctors were so considerate of my recovery by performing both procedures at the same time. “

After two very successful surgeries, Diane was an inpatient at Fox Chase for a week. “The doctors and staff were incredible, especially my nurses. Each nurse who attended me was extremely kind and compassionate,” says Diane.

Following her surgery in May 2016, Diane recovered at home and enjoying her time with friends, reading, walking in Pennypack Park, living a healthy lifestyle and attending her church regularly.

“I thank God every day for directing me to Fox Chase,” says Diane.