Lori Goldstein, MD, FASCO

Lori Goldstein, MD, FASCO

Clinical Locations

Primary Location

Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111


Professor of Medicine, Department of Hematology Oncology

Director, The Naomi and Phil Lippincott Breast Evaluation Center

Deputy Associate Director of Clinical Research 


Treatment Focus

Systemic Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biologic therapy for early and advanced stage breast cancer

Clinical and translational trials in breast cancer

Research Program

Key Awards

Susan G. Komen, "Light of Life Award” 2014

Castle Connolly Medical Top Doctor 2012-2015

Best Doctors in America 2013 – 2015

Philadelphia Magazine Top Docs 2009- 2015

Treatment Philosophy

As a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer, I believe in providing women the most tailored, state-of-the-art treatment options. That is why I created the (BEC) when I joined the staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center in 1990.

As the director of the BEC, I work with a team of breast cancer experts, including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and social workers. Together, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with early stage breast cancer.

By providing patients with useful information about their treatment options, we are empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their care. I believe this is very important for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as they can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available today.

In addition to my clinical expertise in breast cancer, I am dedicated to breast cancer research. At Fox Chase, I was the first leader of the Breast Cancer Research Program (now the )Women's Cancer Research Program). In this program, I work with investigators from basic, clinical, and population science who collaborate in their research of breast cancer prevention, what causes tumors to develop, detection and treatment.

I have devoted my career to translational research, which turns basic research into therapeutic treatment for breast cancer patients. At the same time, my interest in investigational research is to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and improve outcomes.

I am committed to generating a national agenda for breast cancer research and care. Because of this interest along with my experience in research, Fox Chase Cancer Center has chosen me to represent the institution as the Principal Investigator for the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG). ECOG conducts clinical trials in all types of adult cancers and is one of the largest clinical cancer research organizations in the United States. ECOG has appointed me as an active member of their Breast CORE committee and Principal Investigator for the Data Safety and Monitoring Committee.

In addition, I serve as a member of the Breast Cancer Guidelines Committee for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), an alliance of 21 of the world's leading cancer centers, including Fox Chase Cancer Center. In my time here, I have been at the start of some major programs, including my experience as the original Director of the Women’s Cancer Center and one of the establishing members of the Clinical Breast Cancer Survivors Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. I am also on the Institutional Review Board; Data Safety and Monitoring Committee, Extramural Research Program; Steering Committee of Breast Survivorship Program; Navigation Steering Committee; and the Ambulatory Services Steering Committee.

Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • Oncology Fellow, Division of Cancer Treatment, National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Biology and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute, Washington, DC
  • Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  • MD, State University of New York Upstate College of Medicine, Syracuse, NY, 1982


  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association of Cancer Research
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Breast Cancer Symposium, Program Director
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Highlights of SABCS CME Program Course Director
  • National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer Centers
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  • Women in Cancer Research

Honors & Awards

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Docs 2009-2015
  • Best Doctors in America® 2013, 2014
Patient Stories

Karen Lucas

Breast Cancer

Karen Lucas

Breast Cancer

For more than 20 years, Karen Lucas has been diligent about getting annual mammograms, as well as yearly visits to her OB/GYN. At the age of 65, during a routine mammogram in August 2012, the test showed calcification in both breasts.

Patti Rose

Breast Cancer

Patti Rose

Breast Cancer

In October 2012, Patti and Michael Rose were enjoying parenthood, busy raising seven active children, ranging in ages from 2-18. Most women begin annual mammography at the age of 40. Patti, who was 36, never had a mammogram. After she detected a marble-sized lump in her breast, she scheduled her first mammogram and ultrasound, which was followed with a biopsy. Within five days, Patti learned she had breast cancer.

“Fox Chase Cancer Center is the best – and we’re so fortunate it is right around the corner.” 

Laura Marblestone

Breast Cancer

Laura Marblestone

Breast Cancer

Laura Marblestone's mother was only 43 when she lost her fight with breast cancer. That's why Laura, a registered nurse and resident of Langhorne, PA, regularly performed breast self-exams. In May 1990, at the age of 40, Laura detected lumps in her left breast. Results from a lumpectomy were benign, but around the same time, she developed a lump under her arm, which her doctor said was a swollen lymph gland, likely related to the surgery. "He told me it was nothing, I didn't have to worry."

Shari Lynn

Breast Cancer

Shari Lynn

Breast Cancer

In 2002, Shari Lynn's husband, Mark, accepted a new job in another state. Together, Shari and Mark made the decision to move their family from New York to Pennsylvania. Shari was like many other moms in her situation. In preparing for the move, she scheduled routine doctor appointments on Long Island so they would not feel pressured to find new physicians right away.

Robin Luber

Breast Cancer

Robin Luber

Breast Cancer

If you have a question about Fox Chase Cancer Center, ask Robin Luber. She spends every Wednesday volunteering at Fox Chase so you are likely to see her walking the halls helping patients and families or in the Family Surgical Waiting Lounge. She also volunteers in Social Services assisting the social workers with administrative tasks. "I love this job," shared Robin. "I help patients, their families, and the staff. It's very rewarding." And that's coming from a former patient.


Research Profile

Research Program

Research Interests

  • Translational studies in Breast Cancer
  • Development of novel therapeutic strategies in Breast Cancer
  • Molecular Targeting of Breast Cancer

Selected Publications

Goldstein, LJ, Gray, R, Badve, S, Childs, BH, Yoshizawa, C, Rosley, S, Shak, S, Baehner, FL, Ravdin PM, Davidson, NE, Sledge, GW, Perez, E, Shulman, LN, Martino, S, Sparano, JA: Prognostic Utility of the 21-Gene Assay in Hormone Receptor Positive Operable Breast Cancer with Classical Prognostic Factors and an Integrator of Classical Clinicopathologic and Treatment Information.  JCO, Vol. 26, No. 25, Pg. 4063, September 2, 2008. PubMed

Goldstein, L.J., O’Neill, A., Sparano, J.A., Perez, E.A., Shulman, L.N., Martino, S.,Davidson, N.: Concurrent doxorubicin plus doxetaxel is not more effective than concurrent doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide in operable breast cancer with 0-3 positive axillary nodes: results of North American Breast Cancer Intergroup Trial E2197. JCO, Vol. 26, No. 25, Pg. 4092, September 2, 2008. PubMed

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Goldstein LJ, Gurtler J, Del Prete SA, Tjulandin S, Semiglazov VF, Bayever E, Michiels B. Trabectedin as a Single-Agent Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer After Anthracycline and Taxane Treatment: A Multicenter, Randomized, Phase II Study Comparing 2 Administration Regimens.  Clinical Breast Cancer, 14(6):396-404, 2014.

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Silverman, D, Ruth, KJ, Sigurdson, E, Egleston, BL, Goldstein, LJ, Boraas, M, Bleicher R.:  Skin Involvement and Breast Cancer: Are T4b Lesions of All Sizes Created Equal?  Journal of the American College of Surgeons.   Vol 219(3) 534-544 September 2014. PMCID: 4143438.

Matro J, Walia R, Tumelty K, Morrison T, Goldstein LJ.: Bilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy Due to Breast Cancer Skull Base Metastases.  AJHO Vol 10(5) 14-16, Nov. 2014.

Additional Publications