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Services at Fox Chase East Norriton

Fox Chase Cancer Center East Norriton Hospital and Outpatient Services Schedule an Appointment: 888-369-2427

Ask to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists at Fox Chase East Norriton.

Surgical Consultations

For patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, or who have received abnormal test results, Fox Chase East Norriton’s surgical oncologists offer clinical experience and comprehensive care plans.

Fox Chase East Norriton also offers consultations with plastic and reconstructive surgeons who work to restore normal form and function and address physical changes that can result from cancer treatment. Fox Chase’s surgeons perform the full spectrum of reconstructive options, including microsurgery, skin grafts and the most complex techniques using free tissue transfer.

Radiation Oncology

Fox Chase radiation oncologists offer extensive options for radiation therapy to treat all types of cancers. Your doctor will work closely with you to identify the optimal therapy for your disease and lifestyle.


Fox Chase physicians treat most types of cancer and benign blood disorders. The center provides hematology and medical oncology services, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Genetic Counseling and Testing

Genetic counseling and testing offered at Fox Chase East Norriton looks at genetic factors that may increase the risk of developing cancer. Individuals will meet one-on-one with our genetic counselor to determine eligibility for genetic testing, order testing, discuss the results of their testing and discuss cancer screening options.

By knowing their risk, patients can take steps that will lower their chances of getting cancer.

Benign Breast Disease Clinic

At Fox Chase East Norriton, our specialists evaluate, monitor and treat a variety of benign breast conditions. These may be found after individuals discover a breast lump, receive abnormal mammogram results or experience breast pain. The specific conditions and symptoms we evaluate and manage include fibroadenomas, cysts, and nipple discharge.

Support Services

Fox Chase Cancer Center and Suburban Community Hospital collaborate in offering a full spectrum of support services to patients treated at Fox Chase East Norriton.

Nurse Navigation

When you make your first appointment at Fox Chase East Norriton, one of our clinically-trained nurse navigators will connect with you to:

  • Make sure you are scheduled for the appropriate appointment
  • Expedite your care when possible
  • Answer clinical questions about your diagnosis leading up to your first appointment
  • Educate you about our support services

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