Laboratory Animal Facility

Genetic Monitoring Facility

The facility provides colony maintenance of inbred strains and transgenic lines of rodents utilized in various research programs to help ensure genetic integrity and works in conjunction with the Transgenic Mouse Facility. This facility also provides many technical service procedures to investigative staff such as bleeds, injections and tumor line maintenance. The facility occupies a standard laboratory containing all of the equipment necessary to carry out the procedures listed above.

Laboratory Animal Health Facility

The primary services provided by the Laboratory Animal Health Facility include daily health monitoring of all rodents, diagnostic services, teaching and training for laboratory investigators and their technicians. This training includes aseptic technique as well as quarantine and/or rederivation of imported rodents. The staff consults with the Attending Veterinarian on a regular basis and provides medical consultation with investigators. Members of this lab can also provide/conduct technical service procedures such as necropsies.

Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility

The Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility provides all basic husbandry, including cage changing, room sanitation and health monitoring. This facility also operates the cage wash services, autoclaving of all equipment and supplies as well as preventive maintenance on equipment.

This facility supports Fox Chase Cancer Center's Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.