Daphne Sawyer

Daphne SawyerDaphne SawyerDaphne Sawyer’s Gifts Say Thanks for Parents’ Health 

A “no-brainer”—that’s how Daphne Sawyer describes her family’s decision to choose Fox Chase for their cancer care, and her later decision to make a planned gift to the Center in her charitable action plan.  “It just made sense,” she says.

In 1997, Daphne’s father Frank, then 71, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A local doctor provided a grim prognosis and said he didn’t feel it would be worthwhile to operate considering Frank’s age and condition. 

A second opinion led them to Fox Chase, which was just beginning to offer cutting-edge hormone therapy for prostate cancer.  At the Center, Frank received radiation and a testosterone treatment—and a second chance.  He is still alive and well today at 89.

“He bounced into my house after his yearly follow-up appointment five years ago,” Daphne remembers, “and told me he was cancer-free.”

When her mother, Mary, was diagnosed with colon and breast cancer a couple years ago, Fox Chase was the obvious choice.

“I love how they include the family in discussions about treatment options,” she says. “Also, they treat you like a person.  There is never a question of whether someone is too old for treatment.”

With both parents doing well and “aging gracefully,” Daphne wanted to say thanks—and give other families what she received. 

“I can’t put a price on the years I’ve had with my Dad,” she says.  “The benefit to my family has been incalculable.”

Daphne plans to maintain membership in Fox Chase’s Laurel Somomciety, celebrating annual gifts of $1,000 or more, but a bequest in her will takes her support to the next level.

“It creates no burden for my family to sort out my things, while providing future benefit to a broader group of people,” she says. “I feel extremely heartened knowing my estate will go to good use.”


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