Carol Elfant

With a former career as a computer programmer working in support of NASA’s space mission, Carol Elfant appreciates precision and top-notch problem solving skills. When both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer in the late 1990s, Carol selected Fox Chase Cancer Center for their treatment. Around that same time, Carol was diagnosed and received treatment at Fox Chase for endocrinal cancer. What she found there impressed her. She says, “The warmth, friendliness, helpfulness, and love—you wouldn’t expect that at a hospital; but it’s there, along with competent care.”

A native of Philadelphia, Carol’s list of credentials is impressive: a degree in physics from Ursinus College; a master's degree in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; a master’s degree in computer science from John Hopkins University; and a mechanical engineering degree from George Washington University. Of her career, she says that she greatly enjoyed creating programs and troubleshooting problems for the space program. Carol is now retired.

To support the work of Fox Chase Cancer Center, Carol has included the hospital in a provision in her will. “I know my parents received good care at Fox Chase,” she says. “I am confident in their ability to detect a problem if one exists and treat it.”

Carol concludes, “I like knowing that I’m helping in the fight against cancer and supporting Fox Chase in the work of patient care and cancer research.”


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