Arnie, Jerry, and Spencer Zaslow

Arnie, Jerry, and Spencer ZaslowBand of Brothers

From an early age, brothers Arnie, Jerry, and Spencer Zaslow were schooled on the importance of family unity—a value that continues to guide their personal lives, work, and philanthropy. “‘No matter what you’re able to accomplish by yourself, you’ll always accomplish more together,’ ” Arnie recalls his parents saying.

The brothers run the institutional furniture and textile company ATD-American Co., headquartered in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, which traces its origins to a linens store founded by their father in 1931. In 1989, they established the Zaslow Family Foundation, focusing their giving on medical, educational, and religious institutions.

Ten years ago, after Arnie’s wife Brenda was treated successfully for lung cancer at Fox Chase, the brothers initiated a challenge grant: They agreed to donate $100,000 toward establishing an endowed chair at the Center if Fox Chase raised an additional

$200,000. “We wanted to make our money go even farther by inspiring others to give,” Arnie says. The funding helped establish the Paul Grotzinger & Wilbur Raab Chair in Surgical Oncology.

A decade after their first gift, the Zaslow Foundation continues to support the work being done at Fox Chase—work like that of scientist Margie L. Clapper, whose research in lung cancer is examining the role of estrogen in the progression of the disease. “One day there will be a cure for this disease, and it’s going to be because of people like Margie,” Arnie says. “We feel so blessed to be able to support it.”

“I will always feel a connection to Fox Chase because of my wife,” he adds. “They saved her life—and in doing so, they also saved mine.”


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