Beth Brunswick

In February 2014, Beth Brunswick was in Florida with her husband, Ed, and noticed that my stomach was hard and distended. Beth consulted with her local doctor, had a CAT scan, and confirmed with her gynecologist back home in New Jersey. They believed she had ovarian cancer and that it had already traveled to the lining in her stomach.

Beth asked her gynecologist, Dr. Susan Kaufman, to find the best gynecological oncologist in Philadelphia. With no hesitation, she recommended Dr. Stephen Rubin, who was in the midst of moving to Fox Chase. Beth immediately felt at ease. Fox Chase is where her mother was treated, and that is where she wanted to be.

When the Brunswick family arrived at Fox Chase, they were greeted by Carol Cherry, Beth’s Nurse Navigator, who was friendly, warm, calm and reassured her that she would be well taken care of.

The whole family met Dr. Rubin and were instantly impressed with his compassion, knowledge and understated confidence. When Beth received her formal diagnosis, she said, "let's get this cancer out of me now.” Dr. Rubin answered, “How does Friday at 6am work for you?”

When Beth’s friends heard of her diagnosis they questioned, “You live in New York City so why aren't you going to Sloan Kettering, Cornell or even Presbyterian?”

Her answer was simple – she didn't want to be treated like a number. Beth wanted to be at a small, intimate, hospital like Fox Chase where the doctors and nurses would remember her name. And although her mother died of pancreatic cancer 11 years ago she vividly remember the family speaking so highly of Fox Chase and the care that Beth’s mother received here.

After Beth’s successful surgery came the hard part – chemotherapy every Tuesday. Unfortunately, the first round of this treatment did not prove effective so Beth started a new course of chemo in the fall of 2016. Despite the change, Beth has always had confidence in Dr. Rubin’s ability to treat her. She knew that that if this treatment was not effective, there may be a new drug on the horizon thanks to research.

The impact research had on her life, and the lives of others diagnosed, inspired Beth. She shared, “When we were children, our parents taught us the importance of giving back and instilled in us a sense of responsibility for those less fortunate than us.  As a patient at Fox Chase, I understand that new treatments can’t be discovered without research funding. By giving back, we give others the chance to beat this disease. Without research there is no cure!”

Today, Beth supports scientific efforts to advance our understanding of cancer as well as Dr. Rubin’s fellowship program at Fox Chase. She hopes to help train the next generation of surgeons so they can be just like Dr. Rubin, helping patients just like her.

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