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Endowed Chairs at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Donald E. and Shirley C. Morel, Stanley and Stella Bayster Chair in Molecular Imaging

For information about how to support Fox Chase's endowed funds, please contact:

Shawn Kleitz
Chief Development Officer

Endowed Funds*

W.J. Avery Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship
The Connelly Foundation

The Betty A. and R. Reginald Bishop Endowed Fund for Cancer Research
Betty A. & R. Reginald Bishop

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Directors' Postdoctoral Fellowship
Board of Directors

Roberta P. Dubrow Endowed Research Fund
Lowell H. Dubrow

Max E. & Estelle H. Falik Endowed Fund
Max E. & Estelle H. Falik

The Richard P. Federici and Gerard R. Flaherty Endowed Fellowship for Lung Cancer Research
William J. & Susan C. Federici

The Carolyn Galbraith-Panicola Endowed Research Fund
Carolyn Galbraith-Panicola

The Sylvia Glassman Student Internship
The Glassman Foundation

Lawrence H. Greenwald Postdoctoral Fellowship
The Madeline & Lawrence Greenwald Foundation
The Greenwald Foundation
The Jane & Robert Salzer Foundation
Ann & Edward Sickles
Sickles Charitable Trust

Paul J. Grotzinger, MD, Lectureship Fund
Regina M. Grotzinger

William Randolph Hearst Cancer Genetics Counseling Fellowship Fund
William Randolph Hearst Foundation

The John P. Hoffman Endowed Fellowship in Surgical Oncology
Neil F. & Renee Hall
Lunevica Foundation Inc.
Mary F. Kuehns
Lincoln T. Griswold
Wendy B. Trow-Fox

Karen Hoster Havelin Nursing Scholarship Fund of the friends of Fox Chase Cancer Center
Henry Hoster
Friends of the Hospital of Fox Chase Cancer Center

David A. Hungerford Endowed Fund in Basic Chromosome Research
Alice M. Hungerford

The Eileen Stein Jacoby Endowed Fund
Cheryl & Scott Herman
Family & Friends

F.M. Kirby Postdoctoral Fellowship in Human Neurologic Disease
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Hedda L. Komins Fund for Breast Cancer Research & Prevention
Jill & Norman Rosenblum
Douglas & Jaclyn Rosenblum

The Kresge Science Initiative: NMR Fund
The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Science Initiative: Mass Spectrometer Fund
The Kresge Foundation

Robert L. Krigel Lecture Fund in Hematologic Cancers and Translational Research
Robert L. Krigel
D. Bonnie Perlmutter

Lippincott Breast Evaluation Center
Philip & Naomi Lippincott

The Herman Lopata Endowed Research Fund
Frances Lopata and Family

Richard B. Millham, Sr., Endowed Fund for Cancer Research
Richard B. Millham

Kathryn Ann & Thelma T. Milliken Fund
Thelma T. Milliken

Jeanne E. and Robert F. Ozols, M.D., PhD Endowed Summer Research Fellowship
Debra & Leo M. Sniger
Carol & Kenneth Weg
Barbara & Robert Young

Palmgren Fund for Ovarian Cancer
Russel W. Palmgren

Elizabeth Knight Patterson Postdoctoral Fellowship
Elizabeth Knight Patterson
John H. Baker
Margaret M. Dickenson
Board of Associates
Helen P. Coon Trust
John H. Simpson
Eden Charitable Foundation

Endowment from the Estate of Phyllis Peters
Phyllis E. Peters

Millie and Jules Roden Endowed Research Fund
Richard C. Roden

The Debbie and Arthur Roedel Endowed Fund for Lung Cancer Research
Debbie & Arthur Roedel

Bruce R. Ross Visiting Professorship and Lectureship in Developmental Therapeutics
Biogen Idec.

Byron K. Schader and Gay E. Schader Fund for Bladder Cancer Research
Gay E. & Byron K. Schader

Leo A. Shifrin M.D., Clinical Investigator Training Program Fellowship in tribute to Stephen H. Goldman, M.D.
Leo A. Shifrin

Timothy R. Talbot Jr. Nursing Scholars Fund
Mary R. Talbot
The Robinson Foundation
Dorothy Therman

Jill Marie Tulli Fund for Breast Cancer Research
Jill Marie Tulli Fund
Family & Friends

Anthony H. Whitaker Fellowship Fund
Mary Ethel Pew
Institute for Cancer Research Board of Directors
Family and Friends

Wick R. Williams Endowed Lectureship Fund in Epidemiology
Helen J. Williams-Gebhardt
Kenneth L. Williams

Medical Equipment from Sarah H. Wolfberg and Toby Wolfberg Endowed Fund
Sarah H. Wolfberg and Toby Wolfberg

The Young Gastrointestinal Research Fund in memory of Frank L. & Louis H. Young
Steven P. & Shelley Harris
Dr. Michael & Nancy Y. Markowich
Marc Taylor
Pearl Young Foundation
Justin L. Young
Frank L. & Pearl Young


*Of $25,000 or more

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