Tools for a Successful Event

At Fox Chase Cancer Center, we recognize the commitment involved in planning a fundraising event and thank you for your advocacy on our behalf!

Whether you’re planning your first fundraising event or are a seasoned professional, we’re confident the tips below can set you up for success:

Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Form a planning committee
Reach out to your personal and professional networks and enlist people to help that have different skillsets and share a similar passion.

Identify the target audience for your event
Once you choose a target audience for your event, make sure you keep that audience in mind as your planning progresses.

Brainstorm event ideas
With the help of your committee, determine what type of event to host as well as the date, time and potential locations.

Develop a budget
A clear understanding of your event expenses will help you plan for a successful fundraiser. Map out your costs, set fundraising goals and determine how much to charge participants.

Schedule the event and start planning
After you are confident with the location, date, time, and budget for the event, schedule the event as quickly as possible! Make sure to retain copies of contracts and take steps to get the proper permits and insurance if necessary.

Promote the event
Develop and distribute flyers, tickets, emails – whatever you’ll need to spread the word about your event! Be sure to utilize social media, and encourage your committee members do to so as well.

Create an online donation page
Through the Fundraise for Fox Chase website, be sure to set up your unique online donation page, and share the link to give participants the option to donate securely online.

Determine event day tasks
Handing out a timeline for the event with clear responsibilities for each person will help ensure all tasks are completed.

Thank event participants
Following the event, be sure to acknowledge everyone who participated and let them know how much you value their support!

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