Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Screening Procedures at Fox Chase During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Q: Why is screening taking place?

A: Fox Chase Cancer Center is committed to taking precautions to safeguard our patients, staff, faculty, and volunteers. In accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations, we have determined that screening at the entrances to our center and outpatient locations offers the best way to minimize risk of exposure and infection for those who are in our care.  

Q: Who is being screened at Fox Chase?

A: Every patient and employee will be screened at all Fox Chase locations.

Also, at our Main Campus, loved ones who wish to wait in the Young Pavilion mezzanine area on the second floor will need to be screened before going to that location (one person per patient).

Q: What does screening entail?

A: Patient screening will include evaluating people for fever and symptoms associated with COVID-19. An assessment of recent travel and contact history will also occur.

Employee screening will include a temperature check to rule out fever.

All individuals entering all Fox Chase locations will be given a face mask to wear during their time in our facilities (even if they screen negative). This is part of our continued effort to protect our patients and staff from exposure to COVID-19.

Q: What happens if I screen positive for symptoms of COVID-19 or have an increased risk of exposure to the disease?

A: At the point of screening, patients who have a fever or symptoms, or responses to screening questions that indicate an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, will be taken to a designated area where further evaluation will occur.

For anyone who screens positive, information will be given to you about precautions that need to be taken. You can see a copy of that information here.

Q: Are there changes to parking at Fox Chase Cancer Center?

A: Parking is not currently being impacted at any Fox Chase location due to COVID-19 screenings.

More information on parking at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Q: Should I come early to my appointment to get through lines at the screening locations?

A: We recommend that patients try to arrive 15 minutes early to accommodate for these screening procedures.

Q: How often will I need to be screened?

A: Patients need to be screened once a day. Once screening has taken place, you will receive a bracelet.

Q: Is social distancing being practiced in the screening lines?

A: The screening locations have quite a bit of room to encourage social distancing while patients are waiting to be screened.

If you have questions about screening procedures taking place at Fox Chase Cancer Center, please use our Contact Us form.

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