August 3, 2020
Important Considerations When You’re Diagnosed with Melanoma
Any cancer diagnosis can be scary. But melanoma—a particularly serious kind of skin cancer—can be especially frightening. Most people who have melanoma are diagnosed by their dermatologist. But once the biopsy results come back, next steps can be... read more
July 15, 2020
Common Questions About Cancer Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are crucial for the advancement of medical treatments for many diseases, including cancer. Many cancer treatments used today are the result of clinical trials, and those currently taking place may help us develop better ways to treat cancer... read more
July 15, 2020
Five Ways to Support Loved Ones With Cancer During the COVID-19 Epidem...
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we stay safe, and that’s especially true for people with cancer (who often have a compromised immune system). At many cancer centers (including Fox Chase), loved ones can’t visit people in the hospital or accompany... read more
July 1, 2020
Important Questions About COVID-19 and Cancer, Answered
Several months into the global pandemic, there remain many unknowns about COVID-19 and how it might affect those with cancer. But, experts do have solid advice for some of the worries weighing on the minds of patients and their families. Here are five... read more
June 29, 2020
Breast Cancer Screenings During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Essential—and S...
Many women have been faced with the decision of whether to skip or postpone routine mammograms during the current pandemic to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus. It is important to know that when it comes to breast cancer screenings, staying home... read more
June 19, 2020
Bladder Cancer: Why a Second Opinion Matters
It’s always a good idea to seek a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis before starting treatment, but in the case of bladder cancer, getting another expert’s take is especially recommended. “About 50% of patients seeking a second opinion for bladder... read more