December 9, 2019
Ready, Set, Go! Making Travel Plans When You Have Cancer
Sometimes, you just need to get out of town. Whether you’re longing for a break or want to see loved ones, travel can be good for your outlook and your health. If you’re undergoing cancer treatment, getting ready to roam might take a little more preparation... read more
December 6, 2019
Alcohol and Cancer: What Are the Risks?
Many of us like to drink alcohol. We celebrate with it, unwind with it, and enjoy it with meals. We may even sip some wine to help protect our heart. It’s possible that moderate alcohol consumption may have some health benefits. But in general, those... read more
November 27, 2019
Pancreatic Cancer: Common Questions, Answered
We all know someone who has been affected by pancreatic cancer and, in 2019 alone, it is estimated that over 56,000 people will be diagnosed with the disease. Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed in later stages; this, combined with the aggressive nature of... read more
November 13, 2019
Chronic Inflammation and Cancer: What’s the Connection?
You may have heard that chronic inflammation is tied to the development of some serious diseases, including cancer. But how exactly are the two related, and is there anything you can do to keep chronic inflammation levels low? First, the basics... read more
November 4, 2019
Pancreatic Cancer: The Facts
Survival rates for pancreatic cancer remain extremely low because symptoms of the disease can be subtle. Therefore, pancreatic cancer is not often diagnosed in its early stages. Knowing the risk factors and acting on symptoms can help to change this trend.... read more
November 1, 2019
Should You Get a Second Opinion for Kidney Cancer?
It’s always worth seeking a second opinion when you or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis. That’s especially true when it comes to kidney cancer because treatment options depend on many factors, including the expertise of the doctors treating the... read more