October 11, 2019
Support Services for Patients and Their Families
When it comes to cancer care, you’re more than just your body. The disease can come with complex emotions that stem from the stress of navigating treatment, the toll it takes on your body, and the adjustment to a new normal after treatment is over. Social... read more
October 7, 2019
Deciding Against Cancer Treatment
A cancer diagnosis often brings with it a lot of decisions, especially about treatment. And sometimes those decisions can be difficult to make or understand. That’s especially true if you or a loved one is thinking about forgoing treatment altogether or... read more
October 7, 2019
Coping with Chemotherapy Side Effects
Maybe you know someone who had a bad experience with chemotherapy, or maybe you’ve seen it depicted in a negative way in a movie or on TV. Regardless of where you’ve crossed paths with this treatment in the past, you’ve probably heard about its unpleasant... read more
October 3, 2019
Why is Breast Cancer Awareness so Important?
Every October, you likely see a wealth of information about breast cancer. And that is a good thing. Awareness surrounding breast cancer is incredibly important as early detection, often through screening, can catch the disease when it is most treatable.... read more
September 24, 2019
A Day in the Life of Dr. Sanjay Reddy: A Philadelphia Pancreatic Cance...
Pancreatic cancer—two words no one wants to hear. It’s a diagnosis that causes fear, anxiety, and a mix of other emotions that overwhelm patients and families facing it. As a Fox Chase surgical oncologist specializing in pancreatic cancer, Sanjay Reddy, MD... read more
September 20, 2019
Flu Shots for Cancer Patients: Seven Fast Facts
Everyday tasks can fall to the wayside when a family is dealing with cancer. But one must-do needs to stay on everyone’s radar: flu shots. Here are seven things to keep in mind. 1. Most people who’ve had cancer should get a flu shot. “The vast majority of... read more