August 30, 2018
Cancer Risks: Separating Myths From Facts
You might think you’re doomed to get cancer because one of your parents had it. Or that steering clear of deli meats or wearing natural deodorant will keep you healthy. Are those things really true, though? Many of us have misunderstandings about what does... read more
August 17, 2018
You’ve Found a Breast Lump: Now What?
Finding a lump in your breast can be frightening. For most women, discovering an unusual growth or mass immediately brings worries of breast cancer. But here’s the first thing you should know about breast lumps: They aren’t unusual. “Palpable lumps, or... read more
August 10, 2018
When it Comes to Breast Cancer Care, Accreditation Matters
With so many options of where to go for breast care, it can be difficult to decide which medical center is right for you. NAPBC accreditation is one factor patients can use to help inform their decision. The National Accreditation Program for Breast... read more
August 10, 2018
The Sometimes Emotional Side of Caregiving
Taking care of a loved one who is ill with a disease like cancer is a rewarding, but also challenging, job. Caregivers frequently have complex feelings about the situation. Being a caregiver doesn’t automatically make someone a saint. And caregivers can... read more
August 10, 2018
CAR T-Cell Therapy 101—Your Questions Answered
Q. What is Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy? A. CAR T-cell therapy is just one kind of immunotherapy. In CAR T-cell therapy, immune cells known as T cells are extracted from a patient’s blood. They are then genetically altered to recognize... read more
August 10, 2018
Lung Cancer in People Who Have Never Smoked
With fewer people smoking in the US, why are lung cancer rates among people who have never smoked on the rise? “While it is true that smoking tobacco is the top risk factor for lung cancer, a substantial number of people receive a diagnosis despite having... read more