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"Everyone was so nice at Fox Chase that it kept me coming back every week for 10 years."

— Rosalie Fox

I was first treated at Fox Chase Cancer Center in 1990 after blood tests during my annual physical showed that I was anemic. Further testing revealed a blockage that was caused by colon cancer. I made up my mind immediately that I wanted to be treated at Fox Chase. I had heard the line ‘all we do is cancer,” and I knew that where I should be treated. My daughter, a nurse, wanted me there also. I was 69 years old.

Dr. John Hoffman, a surgical oncologist, performed the surgery, and all lymph nodes were clear. I didn’t need any further treatment, no chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Although my six kids were concerned, I trusted Dr. Hoffman’s judgment. 

I met many staff members during my hospital stay, and everyone was wonderful. The nurses were fabulous, which is important because they are the people who really take care of the patients.

Almost 20 years later, in 2009, a suspicious spot was detected on my routine mammogram at Fox Chase. Further testing showed that I had early stage breast cancer.

I met with Dr. Richard Bleicher, a surgical oncologist, who recommended a lumpectomy. He removed a sentinel node during the procedure, and fortunately it was clear.

My medical history has proven the value of routine screenings. My colon cancer was found because I had an annual physical, and my breast cancer was detected during a routine mammogram.

I signed up in 1999 to be a volunteer at the Fox Chase Cancer Prevention Pavilion, and I also volunteered in the admissions department where I made deliveries to the patient floors or did filing in one of the offices. Everyone was so nice at Fox Chase that it kept me coming back every week for 10 years. They paid me with their warm hugs and kisses.

After I retired, I took art classes at Holy Family College and began doing oil and watercolor paintings. As you can see, I don’t like to sit still. I have been a widow since age 60 and have continued to stay busy. I read several books each week, travel, and enjoy lunch and dinner out and going to the theater.

I have been blessed with good health and a good family. In addition to my six children, I have 16 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. Thanks to Fox Chase I have been able to enjoy them all. 

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