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"It truly saved my life."

— Gina Conners

"In 1997 I was 42 years old, married, living on a horse farm and in excellent health. I had a good job working as a contractor for a large Philadelphia corporation," explains Gina Conners. The last thing Gina was thinking about was breast cancer. She had a baseline mammogram when she was 40 and it was fine.

Gina's husband, on the other hand, was battling CNS Lymphoma. "Between work, the farm and taking care of him, I put my health on the back burner," said Gina.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center mobile mammography van was scheduled to be at Gina's office one day and all female employees were encouraged to get a mammogram. Since she was not an actual employee, and was swamped with work, Gina had no intention of going.

Aware of her personal situation, the in-house physician urged Gina to go to the van. After several attempts, she finally agreed and had a mammogram. According to Gina, "Good thing I did - turns out I had cancer in both breasts."

Gina is ever grateful to Fox Chase Cancer Center for providing on-site mammograms. She summed it up, "It truly saved my life."

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